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Foshan Gabee Ceramics Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, China, and now is a professional ceramic tile manufacturer and exporter with rich experience through years of development.
We are specialized in Ceramic tile,porcelain tile,wall tile,floor tile,mosaic tile,glazed porcelain tiles and rustic tiles, with the most advanced technical equipment and the latest available technology. Our products have always been updated with the latest technical innovations and pioneering designing styles from Italy and Spain. We have excellent records of quality control and service to provide top quality products for our customers from more than 35 countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America, Europe, Africa, etc.
Foshan Gabee Ceramics Co., Ltd. guarantees good product quality, elastic and competitive prices, on-time delivery, smart sourcing and custom services for customers all over the world. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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